Considerations When Applying for Social Security Disability

When applying for disability, the Social Security Administration will require many details from you concerning the nature of your disability. A knowledgeable Oklahoma disability lawyer can guide you through this process and provide you with the advice you need to successfully obtain disability benefits.

Oklahoma disability lawyer

The Application

Consulting a lawyer when it’s time to fill out your functional capacity forms is essential in order to properly demonstrate your disability to the Social Security Administration. The SSA will need many details from you regarding your issues. While it might seem like overkill, the administration has some very good reasons for fully investigating a claimant’s background and needs. In particular, the SSA needs this data to evaluate your capacity to perform work and related activities.

The application may ask for some details that seem completely irrelevant to your disability, but these are the factors that may come into play in the courtroom and turn the tables in your favor. Because of this, it is necessary to disclose as much information as possible, even if you need to write in the margins so that you fully explain your situation. For example, some claimants may find that their only response to a question is “it depends,” a response that must be explained in the margins.

In addition to the forms you have filled out, your doctor may assist your case by providing a very complete explanation of your condition. This expert opinion will help the SSA weigh your disability case in your favor.

Determining Your Capacity to Work

The SSA will use the information you have provided to decide if you are capable of performing work with or without the use of special accommodations. Claimants may fear that a bias exists against anyone who simply isn’t bedridden, but speaking with your Oklahoma disability lawyer about this potential bias may allay your fears. Being open about your capacity to perform a part-time job or to perform a job using special accommodations—such as extra breaks, flexible scheduling, or the ability to telecommute—will help you in court when you are testifying before vocational experts and administrative law judges.

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