How an Oklahoma City Social Security lawyer can help with your disability appeal

If your claim for Oklahoma Social Security disability benefits has been denied, you are probably feeling very disappointed. You may even be ready to just give up. Do not give up hope and do not abandon your claim. It may comfort you to learn that the Social Security Administration denies most claims at the initial level. Your best chance of success will come with a hearing before an administrative law judge. The majority of claimants who appeal until they get a hearing will ultimately win benefits.

Hiring an Oklahoma City Social Security lawyer to handle your appeal will increase your chances of success. Statistics show that claimants who are represented by disability attorneys are more likely to be approved for benefits than those who proceed on their own. A Social Security lawyer will assess your case and develop a plan to win it; gather evidence; and present your case to the administrative law judge.

Assessing your case

If you come to us for help with your appeal, the first thing we’ll do is listen carefully to your story. To best serve you as your Oklahoma disability lawyer, we will need to understand the details of your medical condition, work history, and why you can no longer work. Bring your denial letter when you come for your initial consultation. As an experienced Oklahoma City disability lawyer, I know how to read the letter to understand why Social Security determined you were not disabled.

Next, we will review all the documentation for your claim that the Social Security Administration has collected. Once we have a thorough understanding of your claim, we will figure out how we can prove that you are disabled. Then we will set about collecting the necessary evidence.

Gathering evidence

Lack of medical evidence is a common reason why Social Security disability claims are denied. Your Oklahoma City Social Security lawyer can play a key role in strengthening your medical evidence.

Medical evidence includes your medical records and reports from your doctors. It’s not uncommon for some of your medical records to be missing. You may have forgotten to tell Social Security about all the doctors you have seen or treatments you have had. Your doctors may not have responded to Social Security’s requests for your records. They may have sent the wrong patient’s records. The records may be too old or impossible to read.

Your Oklahoma City disability lawyer can follow up with your doctors to obtain all of your records. If the records are inadequate, your attorney can figure out the problem and advise you about how to fill the gaps. For example, if you have symptoms that are not explained by your medical condition, your lawyer can suggest that you undergo further evaluation by an appropriate specialist.

A written opinion from a treating doctor is very important evidence. [Link to tabbed article] Even if your doctor sent a letter on your behalf, chances are, without help from your Oklahoma City Social Security lawyer, it did not provide the kind of information that Social Security needs. Many doctors need help on how to properly prepare an opinion letter. Your Oklahoma City disability attorney can work with your doctor to obtain a written opinion that supports your claim.

In addition to medical evidence, your Social Security lawyer can advise you about whether other evidence, such as school and employment records or letters from people familiar with your situation, could help your case and can help you to gather such evidence.

Advocating for you at your hearing

As your Oklahoma City Social Security lawyers, we will meet with you well in advance of the hearing date to explain what will happen at your hearing. We will review with you the topics you will need to testify about and what type of questions you can expect. We will give you some tips about the best ways to describe your pain and symptoms and to explain how your impairments affect your capacity to work.

We will be right by your side at your hearing to make sure it goes smoothly. We make sure that you tell the judge every important detail about your case. If you forget something, we will be there to remind you.

We’ll question other witnesses, object to improper questions or evidence, and cross-examine any medical and vocational experts presented by the Social Security Administration.

Assistance is available

If you do not already have an Oklahoma City Social Security lawyer and would like us to evaluate your claim, give us a brief description of your claim using the form on this page, and we will respond promptly. Or you may email or call our office.

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