Oklahoma City disability attorneyWhen filing for Social Security disability insurance, you will need to indicate what type of work you are still able to perform, as well as what type of work you cannot perform due to your impairment. Your Oklahoma City disability attorney will go over the rules and factors that are taken into consideration when a judge is making this decision. A major factor is a claimant’s age.

Generally, the older you are, the more likely it is that a judge will find you disabled. Your Oklahoma City disability attorney will want to know your age so you can discuss the work you are no longer able to do and whether it is enough for a finding of disability.

Ages 55+

At this age, you are the most likely to be found disabled by the SSA. As your Oklahoma City disability lawyer will explain, the level of work expected at this age is significantly less rigorous than for younger applicants. Generally, you will need to show that you are unable to perform a level of work comparable to spending a majority of your day standing and regularly lifting 25-50 pounds.

Ages 50-54

Applicants who fall in this age range will be asked by their Oklahoma City disability attorney whether or not they are able to do light work, such as standing most of the day and lifting up to 20 pounds. As with older applicants, claimants of this age may be well enough to have a desk job and still be found disabled.

Ages Under 50

This is the most difficult category when it comes to work expectations. For an applicant who is under 50 years old to be found disabled, you must be able to show that you are unable to handle even a desk job as a result of your impairment. Your Oklahoma City disability attorney will discuss with you exactly what this means and how it may affect the outcome of your claim.

Past Work Experience

Your Oklahoma City disability attorney will likely inquire about positions you have held prior to your impairment. If your former employment involved acquiring a large skill set, a judge will ask that you detail these skills as part of your disability determination.

Contact an Oklahoma City Disability Lawyer

It is of great importance that you an attorney when proceeding with a claim for Social Security disability insurance. Since the judge will want you to answer all questions yourself, you must be both knowledgeable and thorough. The attorney representing your claim will address these factors more completely so that you are well-prepared for any hearings that may arise. Call Oklahoma City disability lawyer today to get started.