disability lawyer in OklahomaFiling a Social Security disability claim will have you filling out dozens of forms and facing a hearing to determine your status. You don’t have to go through this process alone. A qualified disability lawyer in Oklahoma can be by your side throughout the entire procedure. As you retain the services of a disability attorney in Oklahoma, you’ll be given a thorough education as to what you can expect from the potential hearings for your claim.

State Agencies vs. Administrative Law Judge Hearings

One of the first things your disability lawyer in Oklahoma will break down for you is the difference between having your disability determined by a state agency or an administrative law judge (ALJ). A representative of a state agency will most often be using the Listing of Impairments provided by your disability attorney in Oklahoma. Typically, this is just a review of the medial report without taking into consideration your testimony about your ability to return to work. As your disability lawyer in Oklahoma will inform you, this approach is especially disadvantageous for anyone under 50. When the state agencies apply the same determinations for residual functional capacity, they are essentially treating every case the same, and that’s simply not fair.

With regard to the administrative law judge, your disability attorney in Oklahoma will have the opportunity to present the totality of the case beyond just the medical records. As a result, the ALJs take into account the inability of you to perform tasks beyond your current job scope. This means that your disability lawyer in Oklahoma needs to work hard to make sure your claim is being reviewed by the right persons. That is part of their job.

Let a Disability Lawyer in Oklahoma Be Your Guide

A skilled disability lawyer in Oklahoma will be able to recognize all the information you need to provide to support your claim.  Call us today to set up an appointment to discuss your case.