It’s a good idea to discuss what you plan to say at your Social Security disability hearing with your Oklahoma disability attorney. A qualified attorney can tell you how to tell your story honestly and persuasively, and what details most effectively demonstrate how your inability to work has impacted your life. If your disability involves particular mental symptoms, you will probably be asked to talk about those in detail, as your Oklahoma disability attorney will tell you.

Don’t be afraid to talk freely about your mental symptoms. The goal is to give the judge an honest evaluation of whether you qualify for Social Security disability benefits.

Physical and Emotional Symptoms

A common symptom claimed by disability claimants is an inability to handle stress well. Everyone deals with stress in their own ways, but for some people stressful situations are especially debilitating. If you claim that stress is such an issue for you, the Administrative Law Judge will question you for more detail about what triggers your stress reactions.

The judge may ask you for examples of stressful things, and for you to describe what you experience, both physically and emotionally, when you feel an attack of stress. Possible emotional symptoms can include a panicky feeling, a sensation of impending doom, terror, or what is known as the fight or flight response. Physically, stress might manifest itself in trembling, chest pain, shortness of breath, feeling faint, and heart palpitations. Some people feel sweaty and nauseous, or even experience a choking sensation. It may give you stomach aches or hot flashes or chills. And in especially severe cases, some people experience hallucinations, flashbacks to painful memories, and a fear of dying.

Possible Stress Triggers

What causes stress differs from person to person, but certain jobs might provoke more severe reactions depending on the particular job requirements. Your Oklahoma disability attorney can help you understand why you are unable to perform any work and how to make that case to the judge. These are some job attributes that might trigger your stress:

  • Speed.
  • Complexity.
  • Deadlines.
  • Having to make tough decisions.
  • Working with other people.
  • Working with the public.
  • Staying at work for a full workday.
  • Criticism from co-workers or supervisors.

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