Oklahoma disability lawyerHow does your doctor help to determine the financial settlement in your Social Security Claim? Oklahoma disability lawyer has the answers to these two important questions:

  • Why do you need a treating doctor’s opinion to make your Social Security disability claim?
  • What information does your doctor need to provide the Social Security Administration?

Oklahoma disability attorney advises you that claimant attorneys as well as the Social Security Administration (SSA) need information from your doctor about your impairments. Your doctor must provide the following:

  • A detailed description of your medical impairments
  • An expert opinion as to the interpretation of the medical findings

Your doctor can provide insight that transcends the numbers and facts on a page, according to Oklahoma disability lawyer. Your doctor can take into consideration information from multiple examinations and reports stemming from hospital visits, visits to your doctor’s office and other types of examinations. The Oklahoma disability lawyer can’t stress enough that a doctor’s opinions is given special consideration by the Social Security Administration.

According to the Oklahoma disability lawyer, the Social Security Administration is likely to ask your doctor about any of the following:

  • Nature of your impairments
  • The severity of your impairments
  • The duration you will be unable to work
  • Observations on how well you are able to function
  • Effects of your treatment, including side effects
  • An estimate as to how long your ability to function will be impaired
  • How you are impaired at work
  • How you are impaired in your daily life

Oklahoma disability attorney knows that Social Security Administrators heavily value the opinion of your treating doctor. These opinions will help the Social Security Administration adjudicators figure out your capacity for work and how your impairments affect your life. Oklahoma disability lawyer wants to be sure you know the importance of this information.

For more information on the importance of how your doctor assists in determining your financial claim with the Social Security Administration, contact Oklahoma disability lawyer today.